Ride Your Vespa To Work Day

Ride Your Vespa To Work Day

Today the Vespa Club of Great Britain have organised a day where people are encouraged to ride their Vespas to work, to help celebrate 70 years of Vespa and all it stands for.


Howard and Graham from our Bournemouth branch are both keen Vespa enthusiast owners and both rode their Vespas into Castle Cameras today.



Howard actually commutes daily from Swanage on his 2015 Vespa GTS 125 Super Sport, come rain or shine all year round!



Graham rides a restored 1962 Vespa 150. Being a delicate old girl (The scooter, not Graham) it only comes out occasionally, for day to day duties Graham rides a Scomadi 125.



If you’re a proud Vespa owner, we hope you managed to ride yours into work today, if you did, send us a pic!


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Posted by Iconography Ltd
15th June 2016

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