The World’s Best Cameras for Gents (according to our staff)

The World’s Best Cameras for Gents (according to our staff)

Everyone is a snapper now. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, everyone is sharing their lives through visuals today.  It’s time to upgrade your visual diary to ‘iconic’ though. We asked our globetrotting, pavement-pounding, bush-lurking male staff members for their recommendations of cameras for work — and play.


The Cutting Edge


Staff Member: Howard Lucas

Shoots: Weddings, weddings and more weddings

Recommends: Fujifilm X-Pro2

A throwback design: discrete, but a sturdy-as-hell, dial-heavy piece that feels as substantial as a proper camera should. Retro in aesthetics only, the X-Pro2 packs the latest next-gen photo technology like a hybrid viewfinder and x-trans3 sensor. Most importantly, taking a photo feels tactile again. Because you know what feels better than tapping a screen? Anything.

£1349 body only



The Traveller


Staff Member: Robin Warren

Shoots: Touristy things, buildings, parks, statues and weird food

Recommends: Sony RX-100 mark IV

Small, slick and perfectly finished, the Sony’s diminutive proportions belie it’s incredible abilities. An unusually large 1″ sensor for better quality images, 4K video, slow motion and premium Zeiss optics in a camera you can slip in your trouser pocket. Rob walked 30 miles around New York with this little gem without breaking his back.



The Hipster


Staff Member: Hugh Thomas

Shoots: Flowers, beards and cats

Recommends: Ricoh GR1v

If digital just rubs you up the wrong way you need to go analogue. One of Japan’s greatest photographers, Daido Moriyama swore by these beauties. No screen, no syncing to your Mac and no goddamn geotagging. The iconic GR demands plenty and rewards handsomely. Insert film, snap, develop and begin your revolution. Film will always look cooler than a filter on your phone.

sometimes available from our used equipment list, from £250

film available from £5.95


The Sartorial Elegance

Leica Q_Atmosphere

Staff Member: Graham Fry

Shoots: Dinner parties, canapés, boutique hotels and suits

Recommends: Leica Q

The Leica Q will make you feel like a king. When only the best will do, there can only be one camera manufacturer to turn too, Leica. In hand it feels more pricey than a bag of uncut diamonds and more solid than the proverbial brick out-house. That emotive red dot will push you to become a better photographer, imagine you are Henri Cartier-Bresson looking for the decisive moment. Just try not to look too smug walking around with your lump of handmade german goodness.



The Super Pro


Staff Member: Part-time studio photography Guru, Stuart Moore

Shoots: Models, girls, fashion, cars and other cool stuff

Recommends: Canon EOS 5D mark III

For the pro lurking inside. This out-and-out photography weapon can record movies in full HD, and take full-frame still images worthy of any magazine cover. Six frames per second means you won’t miss a thing and the masterpiece of tech, the Canon 22MP detail-capturing sensor and Canon lenses will put your snaps a cut above.

£2499 Body and 24-105mm STM lens kit


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10th June 2016

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