Sigma MC-11 Canon EF to Sony FE mount converter

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Mount Converter MC-11




  • Adapt Sigma Canon Mount or Sigma mount to Sony FE system
  • Easy to use interface, updatable with USB Dock
  • Accessories Included: Front and Rear cap

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Product Detail

The Sigma MC-11 Converter is a revolutionary product designed to allow compatibility between Sony FE and APS-C cameras and Sigma Canon EOS mount and Sigma mount lenses. Utilising the latest technology, the MC-11 supports fast and accurate autofocus and will work in conjunction with in-camera stabilisation and in-lens stabilisation. An LED display on the adapter show the user if their will work in conjunction and the MC-11 is also updatable with Sigma’s USB docking station. Flocking inside of the converter allows the image to be maintained while the internal electronics record all data from the image for later review. Like all SGV products, each lens is hand crafted in Aizu, Japan.

The converter supports autofocus for compatible lenses, as well as camera functions that control brightness, aberration, distortion and more.

We have no idea as to whether this adaptor will work with Canon EF lenses, but if it does it will make a very attractive alternative to other converters currently on the market. As soon as we have one in stock, we will test with our range of Canon L series lenses and report back!

Coming very soon with an expected retail price of £219


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Posted by Iconography Ltd
7th March 2016

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