Castle Cameras staff training with Swarovski Optik

Wednesday of this week saw us meeting up with our Swarovski representative for some product training.

We are fairly new to stocking this premium range of optics so wanted to learn a bit more about the products so we could confidently help our customers to make an informed purchase. We began with some hands on time with all of the products, exploring each of the different types of binoculars from the EL and SLC ranges, along with the spotting scopes. They were very intuitive to use and felt great in hand. We then had a presentation covering the manufacturing processes and some of the technology that goes into making these optics, which certainly gave us a very clear idea of why these really are the best optics on the market today. We were all absolutely blown away by the attention to detail and sheer quality of the processes the engineers and assembly staff at the Swarovski plant in Austria go to.

As the light outside fell, we were able to test the low light ability of some of the binoculars with wide objectives like the EL 10×50. It was incredible that you could see more with an apparent brighter image through the binoculars than you could see with your own eyes. This makes spotting wildlife at dusk very easy.

Ultimately we had a great evening learning all about these premium optics and now feel very informed and ready to help you with purchasing a Swarovski product. If you would like to take a look at some of the great items in the Swarovski range, please do not hesitate to visit our Bournemouth store where we will be more than happy to demonstrate them for you.

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
20th September 2013

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