Steiner Binoculars; Seeing is Believing

Never under estimate the power of a good pair of binoculars, especially at Christmas.

When you think about binocular’s odds are you’ll glaze over with images of bird watchers sat in hides whispering to one another. You are pretty much spot on. But there is another way. Binoculars are to photographers what a pair of running shoes are to a cyclist. Get rid of the weight, the gear, the technology and go back to something pure.

I got a pair of binoculars for my father’s last birthday. He had been using the same pair of old german 8×40’s for years and it had got a bit embarrassing come the Bournemouth Air Festival. Low and behold, he picks the new pair up and instantly falls in love with the crisp image, the light weight and excellent optical performance. The best part is, it cost me under £100!

Binoculars can be affordable, well thought out Christmas presents that have a super long life expectancy. None more so than the Steiner range of binoculars. These start from £99 and work there way up, but these bin’s won’t let you down for years to come.

View our full range of binoculars over on the website.

Steiner started producing optics over 60 years ago, making them one of the most devoted companies around. Steiner is unique in that it’s the only company to have invested 100% of it’s time and money into the development and production of optics. With this specialisation comes a unique quality found in Steiner products that you can’t find else where. Sure, Leica have  the red dot and Swarovski have the name, and diamond shop, but Steiner still come up with brilliant pieces of equipment.

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
4th December 2012

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