Special offers for May from Castle Cameras

This month, it’s all about accessories, which is why we have a selection of useful camera accessories on offer for the whole of May.

The KATA EXO-7 holster case is perfect for taking a small SLR, bridge camera or camcorder out and about. With dimensions of 20x12x17cm, this camera case is on offer for £29.90, which is £30 off the normal price!

The Cullman Nanomax Monopod 290 is one of this month's special offers.

For a smaller camera, the Tamrac Express 3 Gold is an excellent choice. With an ultra-thin design and suede finish plus elastic sides, this will fit most ultra thin digital cameras. With internal dimensions of 9x2x7cm and external size 10x3x8cm, the Tamrac Express has the additional benefit of a magnetic snap closure for security. It’s available for just £7.90 this May – a small price to pay to keep your camera secure.

Castle Cameras also have offers on tripods and monopods this May. The Slik Goodman digital tripod comes with a case and is light to carry, weighing just 1.58kg. With a twin spirit level and multi-action head, it’s on offer for just £59.90.

The Cullman Nanomax Monopod 290, meanwhile, weighs just 360g and can bear a load of 3kg. With a removable ball and socket head and swivel foot for maximum flexibility, the monopod is just £19.90.

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
7th May 2010

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