Focus on… Photographing animals

From lambs to monkeys, animals remain among the most popular photography subjects.

Wildlife and animals are one of the most popular subjects to photograph for both amateur and professional photographers. Dorset and Wiltshire offer a plethora of places to snap all kinds of creatures, and we’re going to look at tips for animal photography.

There is, of course, that age-old adage that one should never work with children and animals – but photographers are up for the challenge. The question is, what kind of cameras and kit are best for taking animal shots?

For serious animal photographers, a DSLR is essential. Nikon and Canon offer several options, and the Canon EOS 50D is a great choice.

This camera has an impressive feature set and is currently part of Castle Cameras’ DSLR trade-in deal. Among the highlights for wildlife photographers are the 15.1mp CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4 processor, which deliver excellent high-ISO performance and provide high quality image.

Images from the sensor are exceptionally detailed and are low noise. The 6.3fps continuous shooting is also excellent for catching wildlife on the move (animal subjects have a habit of not staying still for long). In addition, the 3-inch VGA LCD screen provides great clarity and the combination of large viewing angle and Live View mode enables you to take photographs at awkward angles with ease. Live View provides real-time images on the LCD, so you can frame your images accurately.

Another question is where to practice photographing animals, without spending several hours sitting in bushes waiting for creatures to pass.

There are several locations around Bournemouth and Salisbury to try out your animal photography skills. Farmer Palmers at Organford has just seen the arrival of new baby lambs and piglets – cute by anyone’s standards and excellent subjects to photograph this Spring.

For more exotic creatures, why not try snapping the monkeys, lemurs and other primates at Dorset’s ever-popular Monkey World in Wool? There are a huge range of primates, along with free roaming birds and other wildlife – you’re guaranteed to get some great pictures here.

Monkey World is open from 10am-5pm and Farmer Palmers from 10am-4pm.

Don’t forget to contact Castle Cameras with any queries regarding the best equipment for wildlife and animal photography.

Picture credit – CCA: Bad Monkey Day by E3000 from Flickr

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17th March 2010

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