Could EVIL cameras mean curtains for DSLRs?

The Canon EOS 50D - one of our most popular DSLRs, available for a wicked price.

There’s much talk at the moment about EVIL cameras – no, not some kind of science fiction monster that spells doom for everyone photographed by it; EVIL is an acronym of Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens, in case you didn’t know. So while you and your photography subjects are quite safe, the news might not be quite so good for your DSLR.

Mirrorless, interchangeable-lens cameras have been around for a while now, with Panasonic and Olympus leading the charge with their Micro Four Thirds format. A major benefit they have over DSLRs is their size; EVIL cameras are considerably less bulky and lighter to carry around with you.

DSLRs were for a long time the best choice if you needed a decent shutter response and a large sensor. EVIL cameras are much smaller and more compact, meaning that serious amateurs in particular will find themselves led into temptation.

The cameras’ secret? They come with adapters that enable you to attach most lenses to the front, and because instead of moving lenses closer these adapters move the DSLR lenses further from the camera’s sensor, they work far better than previous adapters have.

EVIL cameras also have the advantage of speed. Traditional compact digital cameras are frustratingly slow, particularly in terms of responsiveness, which wasn’t much good for anyone serious about photography. These new cameras are a lot quicker while at the same time a lot less bulky.

Much of the current discussion of EVIL cameras regards whether they will replace DSLRs in the serious amateur camera market. Right now though they remain expensive, and there are not yet any EVIL cameras from Canon or Nikon to choose from.

We predict that DSLRs will remain around and will stay popular for quite some time to come. At Castle Cameras, we’ve still got some great promotions running on DSLRs, including the Canon EOS 50D 17-85 for just £749 when you trade in any working DSLR. Now that’s not EVIL – it’s wicked!

Wired Magazine have a very detailed and interesting article on this topic, which you can read in full here:

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
26th February 2010

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