Christmas Gift Guide under £300

Christmas Gift Guide under £300

The next blog in our series is the Christmas Gift Guide for items under £300.

This would be for anyone who is looking to buy a main present for the photographer in their life. Make yourself a hot chocolate, stop here and check out what we have. It WILL provide you with inspiration and Christmas joy.




I don't think we can call ourselves a camera store if we didn't start with a camera! The one we have chosen for your perusal is the Panasonic TZ80.
18 megapixels, 30x optical zoom, viewfinder and 4K video are some of the many fantastic features of this compact camera.
If you know anyone looking to upgrade their compact, or who wants to branch into manual controls while maintaining the convenience of a compact, click here for more information on the TZ80!



2667  1525420

So many lenses to choose from! Recommending a lens under £300 is a bit of a risk, as it depends on the photographers preference, what camera they have and what they primarily shoot. However, if your VIP is in need of a portrait lens, then you can't go wrong with the 50mm f1.8. It doesn't blow the budget but will achieve that fantastic shallow depth of field for outstanding shots of people, animals, plants and jewellery. (Anything really!)




Tripods are always a great buy for the keen landscape or long exposure photographer. Ranging from £25, there's a choice for everyone. Check out the Sirui series. Fluid in motion, lightweight, with twist and lock legs. These tripods have helped create beautiful astro photos by our very own Russ!




If you're looking for something a bit different, then a spotting scope may be the way to go. You can set it up in your house to look across the harbour, hills, garden or the sea (you lucky guy!) Check out this Celestron trailseeker scope.





The Lowepro brand are well known for their high quality bags. Check out the flipside 400AWii. It opens at the back, so if you're in a busy crowd wearing your backpack, you don't need to worry about thieves stealing your gear! There is plenty of space for all your equipment. I have one and it's only half full! (Maybe I should buy more lenses!)




Konig foldable softbox light kit. If you know someone who wants to start up a photography business in the new year, then a light kit would be a fantastic choice. Great value for money, it will kick-off their venture in the best way. Give them the gift of light and fantastic studio shots. (Also, practice makes perfect)



4450 4447

As a photographer, we all know the feeling of a long day with your beloved camera, only to find your shoulders and neck ache from the camera strap digging into you. Enter the Black Rapid Strap! These straps are designed to reduce weight and make photography fun again! Perfect for the wedding photographer who works all day.




Looking for a camera with a difference? You can't go wrong with the Leica Sofort. Although there are cheaper alternatives on the market, the Leica Sofort has an air of sophistication about it and I personally LOVE the duck egg blue. Buy a Leica and create some instant photos to be proud of.




Worried about what to do with all the negatives in your life? And I'm not talking about negative thoughts (watch this space for a blog about that!) I'm talking about film negatives. A good way to ensure these negatives stay in your life is to digitize them. Scan them in, create photo-books from them, print them out again, or display them on the TV at Christmas. The options open up once you go digital! Check out the CanoScan 9000F Mkii. A handy way to scan your negatives, prints and documents.




And last, but certainly not least, is our used section. An array of cameras and lenses await a loving home. All of our used equipment come with a 6 month guarantee. They are always checked before selling and may come with a few extra accessories that you wouldn't get with a new one! (That is not guaranteed though!) Click on the link above and see what exciting offers are in store.


Posted by Alice Hewitt
4th December 2018

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