Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

However you feel about Valentine's day, there is something in this blog for you!


The Sweet Hearts

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New love, still fresh and exciting? Why not take that instant camera out for a spin? Show your love to the world in an instant then use those photos to string them up in your room, or make them into a collage! These photos will be cherished forever and remind you of your young and exciting days when you hardly knew what love was, but you knew you were in it!


Well Established


Been in your relationship for years? Getting a takeaway for Valentines? I don't blame you. But don't let the old become stale! You still love each other and that love has got stronger throughout the years, in sickness and in health. Celebrate your milestones by printing them out! Whether you have them saved on your phone, memory card, or usb stick, bring them in and we can print them out for you. They print instantly, minimal time spent waiting so you can get back to your loved one.


Worldly and Wise


You're at that stage where Valentines doesn't mean much, as every day is Valentines day! You know the ins and outs of your other half, you've watched your family grow and create families of their own. Your house is full of memories of the past. Why not treat yourself to something you can do together? Book a one-to-one session with Rob (our resident guide to all your camera related queries) He offers one-to-ones for anyone looking to brush up on their photography skills. Give the store a call on 01202 526606 and ask for Rob! What better way to learn or re-learn a skill together? Any skill will connect you as a couple and make your love stronger than I'm sure it already is.


Single and Loving it


Don't worry all you single folk out there! I haven't forgotten you! Valentines day doesn't just have to be about the lovey-dovey couples. Treat yourself to the newest equipment, get out there and shoot for yourself. Show the world you're independent, cool and collected with the Panasonic S system! Or get active and do everything you've always wanted to do before you have to "check in with the other half!" The Sony RX0 is a fantastic camera for all your action needs.


Ready and Waiting


For those of you who are yet to find love, but ready to open your heart, why not click here for our events and training courses. Getting out there and meeting like-minded people might be the start of your very own love story.

Whatever you're planning for Valentines day, remember, cameras need your love too. So, find it, dust it off, apologise and start making memories!

Posted by Alice Hewitt
13th February 2019

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