Fujifilm announce the ideal travel companion – The XF10

Fujifilm announce the ideal travel companion – The XF10

Introducing the new FUJIFILM XF10, an ultra lightweight, travel-friendly premium compact camera with an APS-C sized sensor. Featuring enhanced Bluetooth® connectivity, the XF10 allows photographers to transfer images direct-to-smartphone seamlessly after shooting.


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Fujifilm today announce the launch of the FUJIFILM XF10, a premium compact digital camera with a high quality FUJINON 18.5mm* F2.8 fixed lens.  The camera features an APS-C sized sensor which is 14 times larger than the sensor in a standard smartphone. The XF10, which will be available in August 2018, includes all the hallmarks of the X Series system, combining simple manual operation with superior image quality and versatile picture-taking options.


The 24.2 megapixel APS-C sized sensor combined with FUJIFILM’s proprietary color reproduction technology allows the XF10 to produce high quality images that will suit a wide variety of needs.


In addition, the XF10 is the first X Series camera to feature a number of new functions.  It has an updated way to automatically transfer images to a smartphone and the “SQUARE MODE” which allows you to switch to 1:1 format with a single flick on the touchscreen, to name just two.


Despite its pocketable size and minimal weight of only 280g, thanks to the high quality components and new functionality, the XF10 is the perfect companion for smartphone users and photo enthusiasts alike.


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Main Features


(1) FUJIFILM’s superior image quality, in a pocket size camera, weighing only 280g!

Equipped with an APS-C sized sensor, the XF10 has superior image quality and wide dynamic range. It produces sharp, high resolution images that are certain to fulfill the demands of any type of photographer.


(2) High quality FUJINON lens covers a wide range of subjects from landscapes to snapshots.

The 18.5mmF2.8 FUJINON lens, equivalent to 28mm on 35mm format, ensures that every image is sharp from center to edges. The optical design of the lens is perfectly matched to the sensor in the XF10, meaning there is no compromise due to compact size.

The “Digital Teleconverter” function means the camera is capable of taking photos with equivalent focal lengths of 35mm & 50mm on a 35mm format.


(3) Enhance your creativity with FUJIFILM’s unique Film Simulation and Advanced Filter modes.

The XF10 offers 11 Film Simulation Modes unique to Fujifilm and 19 Advanced Filters, including the two new Advanced Filters: “Rich & Fine” and “Monochrome [NIR]”. These modes will allow photographers to easily add artistic flair or film-like color tones to their photos.

“Rich & Fine”

Recommended for food and other tabletop photography

  1. Brighter and more vivid color at the center.
  2. Slight shadow at the four corners to emphasize the subject.

“Monochrome [NIR]”

Simulates Monochrome effect as taken by near-infrared cameras


(4) “SQUARE MODE” allows users to switch to 1:1 format with a single flick on the touchscreen.

The “SQUARE MODE” enhances compatibility with social media networks where 1:1 format has become the standard image format for posting photos.


(5) Both “4K Movie” and “High Speed Video” are available, meeting the increasing demand for advanced movie functions.

Available in August 2018, with an expected retail price of £449. Click here to register your pre-order.



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19th July 2018

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