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Digital Cameras

From holiday snapper to professional image quality; there is a digital camera to suit any situation.

Compact digital cameras can be split into several categories;

Point-and-Shoot Cameras:
Small and lightweight digital cameras, easily slipped into a pocket or handbag - built to be easy to carry and easy to use - able to capture every special moment and with all mod-cons included. Here you'll be looking at 3 to 5x zoom lens in a slim and attractive design. A compact digital camera that you can truly take anywhere!

Digital cameras will come with a multitude of scene modes and a veritable smorgsboard of features from face recognition to colour replacement built into the camera's software.

Lithium batteries are becoming standard, but both Canon and Fuji offer AA battery powered models. If you appreciate the benefit of an optical viewfinder, check out the Canon range as well as the latest Fuji X series.

Super-zoom compact digital cameras:
A Super-zoom camera keeps the slim body of the basic cameras but comes with a zoom lens in the region of 10-30x. These top-of-the range models come with extra features such as image stabilization to reduce the effect of camera shake from the more powerful zoom. Some of the newer digital camera models are now also sporting GPS tagging as a feature. This allows log the location of your pictures on Google maps or I-photo. These compact digital cameras also tend to let you play a little more with manual control.

Bridge Cameras:
The term 'Bridge Camera' was coined to describe a camera that is something of a cross between a compact and an SLR.

By keeping down the sensor size, the designer can incorporate a huge zoom (up to 50X) in a camera that very much resembles an SLR with a basic lens.

These are perfect if you feel that you are out-growing your compact camera but are not sure that you want to commit to the bulk and expense of an interchangeable lens camera. You can play with manual modes and settings, enjoy the handling advantage of a bigger camera with a grip and viewfinder and enjoy the wider zoom range. The perfect stepping stone between a point-and-shoot and a fully fledged DSLR.

Professional Cameras:
If only you could have a camera in your pocket that could replicate the quality you expect from your Digital SLR. Well, now you can.

Fuji were the first to put the same APS-C size sensor as is used in a crop-sensor SLR and build an impeccable, fixed-lens camera around it - the ground breaking X100. Others have followed and Sony have gone one step further with the RX1 which shares a full-frame 24x36mm sensor with the Alpha 99.

This amount of specialism and quality does not come cheap and you may wonder if the quality of the results is worth the price. As with all the cameras that we have on display, you are very welcome to bring in a memory card (or buy one!) and take it home to see if the results are up to your expectation. We don't think you'll be disappointed.

Browse through the manufacturer pages below to find the digital camera that best suits you and your budget. If you want to discuss further, then feel free to e-mail or call us either at Bournemouth on 01202 526606 or at our Salisbury shop on 01722 339909.

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