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Manufacturers' Cash-back, Trade-In Deals and Other Promotions

Save and get more for your money, with Cash-Backs, Trade-In Boosts and Free Products on selected items. It is worth visiting this page regularly to view all the latest promotions.

The promotions only run for short periods of time and can be subject to change.  Please read the manufacturer's terms & conditions before purchasing. Current manufacturer promotions are listed below.

Canon Promotions

Canon permanent lens reward

Fujifilm Promotions

Fujifilm VG-XT3 Grip Promotion
Trade in bounus
Lens Cashbacks

Manfrotto Promotions (Including Lowepro and Joby products)

Nikon Promotions

Olympus Promotions

Olympus Promotions

Panasonic Promotions

This offer ended on 31st January 2019

Sony Promotions

This offer ended on 31st January 2019

Sony Cashback

Zeiss Promotions