Fotospeed Print Workshop

4th February 2020

Learn how to get the best out of your photography by printing your images on Fotospeed’s high quality papers. 

Join Castle Cameras and Fotospeed tutor Vince Cater for a workshop about how you can create the best possible prints of your photography.

Fotospeed believes printing the image is the final stage of any photograph. As such they want to educate as many photographers as possible on how they can leverage colour profiles for printers and the right paper to reproduce excellent colour and deliver the best print possible.

We will be running two sessions during the day, an AM session beginning at 10am and a PM session beginning at 1:30pm.

Please bring along one of your own images on an SD card or USB drive, that you would like to see presented in it's best possible form, print!

Each session costs £25, including a professional grade finished A3 print for each deligate. Discounts available on Fotospeed products on the day.

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Fotospeed Print Workshop