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*the guide valuation is subject to change if the equipment has a fault or is not as described.

Castle Cameras has been trading since 1974 and has a wealth of knowledge regarding photographic equipment new and old, why not try our trade-in service?

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Q. What equipment do we accept?

A. DSLR - We take in most digital DSLR and lenses manufactured over the last 10 years. 

Film Cameras - We will also consider film cameras in excellent condition.  

Optics - Quality binoculars and spotting scopes 

Photographic accessories - We will even consider bags and tripods! 


Q. What happens if I do not have all the accessories?

A. We need all the accessories ideally to give the best valuation, however we may consider your equipment. Please fill in the form as accurately as possible.


Q. What happens if the equipment you receive is not as expected?

A. If for whatever reason the valuation is lower or the equipment has a fault, we will return it for FREE. 


Q.  Do you buy equipment without part exchanging?

A. Sometimes! We may offer to buy in your kit as a straight purchase, if that's what you are looking for.  


Pre-owned equipment grading

  • Mint  As new, this is rare. The items will be immaculate, boxed, with all the manufacturers accessories. 
  • Mint -  Almost as new, any signs of use will be very light. Cameras should have no signs of dust internally and sensors should be clean with no marks. Binoculars and lenses should be free of dust internally and any zoom or turning mechanics should move smoothly. Accessories such as instruction manuals, battery, charger, leads, strap, caps, and lens hoods should all be included. Most Mint- items will include the complete packaging. 
  • Exc++  Very good condition with some light signs of use. Camera sensors should be clean and free from marks. All items will only have little signs of internal dust, if any. Accessories such as instruction manuals, battery, charger, leads, strap, caps, and lens hoods should all be included.
  • Exc+  Good full working condition. The equipment will show signs of use, which could include, small scratches, paint wear, discolouring and some signs of dust in the viewfinder. Camera sensors will be clean and optics will not have any noticeable defects, at worse light marks not affecting performance.
  • NC Not classified. These items will have wear and will be individually described. A lot of these items will be film cameras or shop part exchanges. Prices will represent the condition.

*Please note all valuations are dependent on stock holding and multiple duplications may mean a lower valuation.

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