In Store Prints

We are no longer able to print in store

Digital Imaging Services

All work scanned in-store using a quality flatbed scanner.

  • Prints from Prints (from an original up to 8x6”)
  • Prints from 110, 120, 126 and 35mm colour or black white negatives
  • Prints from 35mm and 120 Slides, mounted or unmounted
  • Photos for lockets NB: Sized for customer to cut and fit, locket must be produced for prior assessment.  We will only provide circular or oval images. 
  • Print Restoration
  • Card Retrieval

Specialist Services

  • Black & White 35mm: Develop and print or develop and scan to CD
  • Black & White 120: Develop only or develop and scan to CD
  • 35mm Colour Slide: Develop only or develop and mount
  • 120 Colour Slide: Develop only and scan to CD
  • 120 Colour Print: Develop only or develop and scan to CD

Passport / I.D. Photos

Please call each store for details.  Bournemouth is digital only