Bournemouth Air Festival 2017

Bournemouth Air Festival 2017

8.29am on my day off and the phone rings.  “This can’t be good,” I think.  It turns out it’s my lucky day.  A customer isn’t able to make their Sony VIP lunch on the beach for the Air Festival and I am on the reserve bench. Can I make it?  Hell yeah! I quickly cancel everything else I had planned for the day – washing clothes, tidying the house, looking after the kids, cancelled (no kids were abandoned in the writing of this blog) I grab my A6000 and head to the beach.

By 10.30am the beach was already alive with families and enthusiasts.  The sun was shining on the show and some people were already in the sea.


Gourmet pizza to keep the troops going!


We trotted along to the hospitality tent, which was located between the two piers and had a stunning view of the air displays.  I did feel privileged to be there and  tried to blend in as best as I could!  I was met by Brian and Racheal from the Castle Cameras team and a delicious glass of bubbly.  Jason was there from Sony and some of our customers who had been invited for the day when they pre-ordered a Sony A9.



We all tucked into our buffet lunch of Salmon, beef, thai chicken, noodles and rice.  Followed by dessert of lemon meringue pie or strawberry cheesecake.  I had the lemon meringue pie and it was so good I ate it before I thought to take a photo!

Out on the terrace after lunch we eagerly awaited the first planes.  Jason very kindly lent me his Sony 70-200mm f2.8 G2 so that I could attempt to get a few shots of the planes.  He didn’t let me keep it for long though, which was probably wise!  On reflection, most of my shots were silhouettes of planes against some pretty cloud formations.  It seems I need a bit more practice in this aerial photography lark.



I did enjoy chatting to the pilots on the next table and had to laugh when one got very excited about seeing the red arrows and got his phone out for some pictures.   However many times I’ve seen the red arrows, I never tire of them.  Their performance was absolutely faultless and having such a great view of the near collision moves took my breath away.








So thanks very much to Sony for the chance to enjoy the Air Festival in style and have a play with Jason’s massive lens! Keep an eye on our website for more exciting offers like this.



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7th September 2017

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