Meet the Team

All the people that you see here are real. Only their details have been changed to save them from legal action if their true leisure activities were to be revealed. If you really want to know what we do in our spare time, pop in with a car battery and two lengths of heavy duty cable.

Brian Castle Cameras


Brian is the managing partner at Castle Cameras.

He spends his days hidden in a cupboard juggling product and sales data, does a bit of cycling, (including a 200km ride every month) for relaxation and checks our local Wetherspoons once a week to make sure that they haven't put up the price of beer.

He started Castle Cameras in 1974, is retired on Thursdays when he looks after his granddaughter and has an interesting a collection of classic cameras that has been stored in cardboard boxes for the last five years while Pete the builder completes his magnum opus at our original shop.

You can view some of Brian's photos here


Racheal is a partner at Castle Cameras.
She also manages to fit in being a mother of 2 and the County Commissioner for Girlguiding Dorset. Her cameras include an EOS 100D, a Canon Powershot G1Xiii and a Sony RX100iii

You can view some of Racheal's photos here


The Transporter, Quantam of Solace and Dirty Dancing all have characters based on Deb. We know her as 'The Enforcer'. Sounds harsh but she's really a closet pussycat and can be pacified with a good bottle of red wine... Deb spends most of her day monitoring the mail order, keeping her pidgeon coop clean and tidy and keeping all as organised as she can.

You can see some of her photos here


Jim is the manager of our Salisbury branch. A keen yo-yo dieter, Jim often frequents Fat Fighters before stopping off for a kebab on the way home. Lately Jim has been enjoying his Mid Life Crisis, something he's been preparing for for a while - He is the proud owner of a pseudo classic petrol pump, a re-imagined 1950s Bat-Phone, an up-cycled Steamer Trunk and an impressive collection of vintage Razzles. All in an a quest to recreate his now distant youth.

Jim's claim to fame is that he was the inspiration behind the TV phenomenon that is/was Noels House Party. 


You can view some of Jim's photos here


Hugh was born on the fair isle of Jersey, but was forced to leave after an unfortunate mix up during an am dram production of Speed 2: Cruise Control. He can spot the make and model of almost any camera at about fifty yards, but this has proved to be almost no help to him in life at all. 

You can view some of Hugh's photos here



By 'ek! Swinge is our most northern member of staff. Swinge enjoys gravy with everything, chips, pies, ice cream. We're not talking sorta northern, Swinge is all out. Tee shirts in winter. Newkie Brown by the case Northern. In an unrelated factoid he also suffers from a condition meaning his arms are unusually short and his pockets unusually deep.

Swinge splits his spare time between Pigeon Fancying & Ferret Racing. 

You can view some of Swinge's photos here


Shirley is mainly responsible for the day to day running of our lab and admin. We let her move her Lab to our Winton showroom a few years ago as the area it was in has been taken over by estate agents and is not safely visited without an armed guard.

Despite being named after an Indian Restaurant in Birmingham, Shirley has done rather well for herself - recently completing her 3rd Ironman Triathlon. Shirley still gets ID'd when purchasing alcohol.


You can view some of Shirley's photos here


After spending 12 hours sat by a monk in 1st class en route to Tokyo last year, Alice found the way of Zen. She now lives by a simple doctrine.

Watashi wa painappuru to hanbaga ga hoshidesu

She's sadly not a clue what it means, but she does love her new tattoo.

You can view some of Alice's photos here

Young Russell

Young Russell is was our youngest member of staff before we hired a student! He'll be handling the Instabook as well as helping out behind the counter. Like most young people he can telepathically communicate with all types of electronic devices, but he can't tell you the first thing about Huey Lewis and the News.

Russell is still young enough to find life fun and full of wonder. We are hoping a few years of hard graft might wear him down to everyone else's level.

You can view some of Russells photos here


Graham is back with us after a year in the desert on a horse with no name and a few months interrailing through the eastern bloc. He's the man doing our graphic design, social media and YouTubery but his talents seemingly know no end, even extending to being the local Leica buff. His Dungeons and Dragons class of choice is Druid.

You can view some of Graham's photos here


Karen works behind the scenes in Bournemouth, but you'll sometimes find her behind the counter. Having travelled the world, tamed lions and experienced many exotic cultures Karen seemed the perfect candidate to work with Brian and his unique computer system. Karens sparkly shoes are the envy of the rest of the staff.

After spending summer 2016 experimenting with different styles, Karen concluded that hats just weren't her thing. 

You can view some of Karen's photos here


Robin Van Courier hails from the dark satanic mills that line the Buckinghamshire countryside.

As a younger man Robin enjoyed success as a stunt double in Teen Wolf. However, after failing to break it in Hollywood, Robin decided to start over with a new life in Dorsetshire where he felt his wizard like appearance would allow him to blend in well with the native Hobbitses and other Tolkien characters that live in the Dorset countryside. You will often find him pawing over lenses, fascinated by the pretty shiny colours that glint off his glasses. Interestingly, if you hold Rob up to your ear you can very faintly hear the music of Slade.

You can view some of Rob's photos here


Sammie is often found with a camera in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. She believes tea solves EVERYTHING!

She juggles working for castle cameras in salisbury and running her own photography business, along with parenting her cat!

You can find most of sammie's work on her website:


Much like that haunted doll you swear you threw down the village well, he's back. 

Now splitting his time between Bournemouth and Salisbury, expect to find him where you would least like to find him - Or something like that. 


Michael Speaking

Michael believes that the film Fury is a documentary. In a former life Michael was a Messerschmitt. Now he often runs around with his arms out shouting 'Pew Pew', occasionally we have to pop around to Tesco and pick him up from security after a relapse.

In between court hearings, Micheal likes to spend his spare time helping out people who have had DIY disasters.

You can view some of Michael's photos here