Street Photography with Damien Demolder

Street Photography with Damien Demolder

We are super excited to be welcoming the multi award winning photographer Damien Demolder to Bournemouth to share his insights into street photography with us.


As you know to help celebrate the Echo Camer Club Dorset reaching 2000 members, ourselves and Corin have organised an exciting talk in Bournemouth on 20th September for Damien Demolder to share his insights into street photography with us.

Damien is multi award-winning photographer, journalist and photographic equipment expert, speaker, judge and educator. He has worked in the photographic publishing industry since 1997, including 15 years as editor of the world’s only weekly photo magazine, Amateur Photographer. It’s rare to find anyone who knows quite as much about photography as Damien!


Damien’s talks are inspiring and informative and I’m sure you will all get a lot out of coming along to learn some tips and tricks around street photography. Even if you think Street Photography isn’t for you, there will be elements of the talk which apply to all genres of photography.  You may even be so inspired after the talk, you might give street photography a try for the first time.

Although Damien uses a Panasonic camera, you don’t need to use one to come along. We are not precious at all about what brand of camera you use, we’re just happy you’re out there, shooting great images to share with the group!

What we are really excited about, beyond the talk about street photography, is that this event will give 100 of you the opportunity to meet one another, in real life!

Meeting up with like-minded people who share a passion with you is fun, inspiring and perhaps could be the start of more occasions, just like this. Corin and the Castle Cameras team will also be there so you can indeed verify whether Corin is a man or a woman and that the Castle Cameras guys are lovely, friendly sorts who like a laugh with our customers.

Come along and enjoy this free event, exclusive for you, the members of the Echo Camera Club Dorset.

If you want to take things up a level, you can join us on Friday for Damien’s practical street photography workshop, right here in Bournemouth town centre. At just £35, it represents very good value for money. Purchase tickets here.

As the old saying goes, ‘its good to talk’.

Posted by Karen
11th September 2018

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