A camera’s for life, not just for Christmas.

A camera’s for life, not just for Christmas.

During this festive period, family and friends are now looking for the ideal camera for a budding photographer in their life. From instant classics to the latest in camera technology we have it all!


But lets take a moment to understand what owning a camera means and how it can become an incredibly important feature during your lifetime.

We have all been guilty of becoming a little stale in our photography. When this happens your camera gets packed away or forgotten about to grow mouldy in a drawer. During that time, we may use our phones to record the important moments in our life. A birthday, christmas with the family, a new baby in the house hold. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Yes, current phones are now ripe with the latest technology to capture selfies and hit you with the Instagram filters.


But they still can’t compare to the sensor your old camera is just itching to show you! They have the facility to zoom with no resolution compromise, they let in more light and DSLRs have the facility to change lenses meaning you could achieve those beautiful portrait shots your phone just can’t quite capture.

From the Canon G7XMkiiSony RX10MkivFuji XT2Canon 80D or Nikon D850, there is something for everyone, all of which would do wonders for your photography over the phone in your pocket. For the budget conscious among you, take a look at the Sony WX350, Nikon A10Canon 1300D, or the Nikon B500.

When you buy a camera (either for yourself or someone else) remember this important point.
Ultimately a camera is an electronic device which records a moment in time when you hit the shutter button. It doesn’t know what you like or whether this event is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It works to your reactions. However, without a good quality camera those moments are lost in the midst of time. Memories may fade, but photos can bring everything back in an instant. Being proud of the photos you take can evolve into a skilled job, people are grateful at the memories you have given them, it (certainly for me) gives you a warm feeling when you get that focus spot on, the natural pose of that laughing child, or a perfect candid moment.

Learning to use your camera to its full potential will give you those photos that not only remind you of a moment in time, but will transport you there. A good quality photo is priceless. Don’t buy a camera for Christmas - invest in a priceless piece of yourself for life.



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Posted by Alice Hewitt
12th December 2017

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