Sony PlayMemories Preview

Sony launch PlayMemories teaser site.

Image via Sony PlayMemories

With the announcement of the NEX 5-R and the impending NEX 6 came a new line of Camera Apps. Whilst Nikon and Samsung are producing Android OS inspired cameras, Sony have done what Sony do best, build their own. If you’ve got a PS3 or you’re using a Sony smart phone then you’ve probably got an idea of what the PlayMemories service will offer.

Sony NEX 5-R image via CameraDiner

Wifi or 3g internet connection in a camera has got to be cool right? Images of Angry Birds whilst waiting for a bride to slip into her dress come to mind, or Instagram filters attached to 30mb files straight from a D800. By combining a phone with Android or even iOS (you never know) this could be possible. Sony are, however, going the other way and offering you what THEY think a smart camera should be about.

No doubt controlling a camera from your phone, uploading straight to facebook or flickr and cutting out the middle man is a dream. Sony’s PlayMemories teaser suggests all these things are possible, download the apps you want, add all the post processing effects you can think of in-camera and then upload whilst your sat in your favourite coffee house. What is yet to be seen is wether third part developers will be able to submit apps like Apples Appstore or the Android market place.

Image via PlayMemories

Either way we’ll keep you updated when we can get our hands on the new NEX 5-R and NEX 6.

You can check out the PlayMemories teaser site here.

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
6th September 2012

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