New Fujifilm flagship camera, the X-H1

New Fujifilm flagship camera, the X-H1

Fujifilm have today announced a very new exciting addition to their range, the X-H1.


This camera is a real statement of intent from Fujifilm; it will become their definitive ‘Pros’ camera.


It is their most advanced X-Series camera to date with a wealth of new Fujifilm technology including in built image stabilisation, F-log to card, Time Code, Selectable bit rates, 120 FPS 1080p, 4K, touch operability, improved audio and AF-C customisation.


All of these specs might lead you believe that this camera is being targeted at pure videographers, but this isn’t the case. These features have been added to the camera to compliment the working professional and the modern day needs of clients who require video as well as still media.


It is for professionals shooting any genre of photography, looking for a lightweight, high-end mirrorless system with excellent stills and video quality. Still photographers who need to supply video but have low postproduction knowledge. People that might have looked to other brands before, because of the last of IBIS and poor video functionality.


The camera is great for non-videographers who need to produce high-end video, with a quick 4K capability thanks to Fujifilm’s legendary colours straight out of camera meaning no post processing is required, especially with the new film simulation being released with the X-H1, the heritage cinema film simulation ‘Eterna’ designed exclusively for motion pictures with low contrast and saturation, wide dynamic range and softer shadows and better tonality.


The upgrades over the X-T2 also extend to:

  • bigger grip with a delicate shutter release,
  • silent mechanical shutter,
  • higher (3.69 mil. Dots) EVF,
  • sub LCD and exposure comp button as on the GFX,
  • touch panel LCD
  • Bluetooth functionality.


The body has also been designed with heavy professional use in mind. It has:

  • 25% thicker magnesium alloy body
  • scratch protection black paint
  • higher tripod mount are rigidity


Still photo performance has been upgraded with AF-C performance improvements, good for wildlife and sport photographers, flicker free shooting for indoor sports. And of course, significant video improvements.


Fujifilm have really listened to their customers and delivered a flagship model that any manufacturer would be proud of.

Body only, the X-H1 retails for £1699, Body plus grip with 2 additional batteries, £1949. 

Check out our hands on, first look video here.

We expect the cameras to hit our shelves early March. Look out for an in-store touch and try event on the 28th February in our Bournemouth branch. In the meantime, you can Pre-order yours now at

Posted by Iconography Ltd
15th February 2018

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