Getting to know you – Brian Callow

Getting to know you – Brian Callow

So, to start the New Year off with a bang, here’s a getting to know you on the Big Boss! Brian Callow. He started Castle Cameras in 1974, so its safe to say he’s the oldest and wisest member of the Castle Cameras clan so therefore cares the least about your problems. Here are his direct and truthful comments on my questions below….he’s a gentle man at heart.

What about photography interests you?

“Nothing”  – Meaning everything, which is too much to think about, so nothing is the next best thing.

What do you like to do outside of taking photos?

“My secret” – Well, we’ll all have to keep guessing I suppose! Although, I have it on good authority that Brian always has a project on the go on anything to do with his love of bicycles!

Is there a particular style of photography you like?

“No” – He likes all photography – he doesn’t judge!

Does anyone/anything inspire you?

“Alice” – Why, thank you Brian, I’m honoured.

What camera equipment do you own?

1. “Quite a lot”

2. “Ixus 700, Powershot G11 and the alpha 6300 for personal use”

Has working at Castle Cameras improved or inspired your photography?

“Probably” – Too much going on behind the scenes to notice things like that!

How do you get to work?

“Slowly” – He bikes to work. Rain, hail, sleet or snow, the fit gentleman that he is.

When and where is your next holiday? Are you taking your camera?

“Cuba” – will probably borrow a new one to try out”

Film or digital and why?

“What?” – He didn’t understand the question and I didn’t bother to elaborate…

Name one thing you enjoy about your job and one thing you would change?

“I enjoy seeing the sunshine through the window”
“I don’t enjoy the weather” – I think we can all agree to that!

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
2nd January 2018

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