Whale Watching with David Newton, Loreto, Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur

10th February 2019 - 17th February 2019

Do you want to see the largest animal to have ever lived on earth up close and personal? To photograph it as it feeds, to capture the majestic site of that giant tail high in the air as they dive or to see it glide under your boat like an approaching submarine? 

Or perhaps you'd rather than chance to photograph a Humpback Whale breaching. 30,000Kg flying out of the water and landing with a thunderous splash. Or maybe it's a super-pod of dolphins that gets your heart racing? Being surrounded by up to 1500 dolphins playing and chattering, so close you can hear their sonar pings through the boat. Or finally, maybe its the chance to pet, yes actually stroke, a Grey Whale and calf that will really do it for you?

Or just perhaps you want to see and photograph all of this in company of two people - one, the lead Blue Whale researcher in the Sea of Cortez, and the other, Me! A former Marine Biologist who can definitely help you improve your photography so you get amazing images of whatever encounters we have while we're there.

This photographic trip will put you in the heart of the Sea of Cortez, on a small boat with the ability to get really close to the whales. I'll be there to help you get the best images possible and to answer any and all photographic questions as they arise. We'll cover everything from lens choice to getting the right exposure, to making sure you get the images sharp, not to mention talks about processing, composition etc in the evenings.

We are pleased to present this exciting opportunity, run by friend of Castle Cameras, Canon specialist David Newton.

Location:  Loreto, Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur
Dates: 10th-17th February 2019
Places: Maximum of 5 people
Cost: £3750p/p excluding flights (which you can book yourself to suit/make use of air miles/extend trip etc)

The cost includes all boat trips, including a day trip across the peninsula to see the Grey whales with the calves, all accommodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and transfers from LTO to our accommodation. The only extra you'll have is for any alcohol you wish to drink, but we can stock up at a supermarket at the start of the week so you're not paying bar prices!

Accommodation is in shared houses with other guests on the trip. You may or may not have your own room, but you will only be sharing with one other person from our trip. And of course, you will only be paired with someone of the same sex. Running it like this means there is no single person supplement required, which helps keep the cost down.

All this images are taken by David on previous trips, as was the video.


To book, email David Newton directly here

Species you may see:
The Sea of Cortez is incredibly fertile and has a massive collection of marine life. On an average trip we can expect to see, at least:
Blue Whales
Humpback Whales
Fin Whale
Dolphins (Common and Bottlenosed)
Manta Ray
Brown pelicans
Variety of seabirds

Beyond that, there are also Orca, Sperm Whales, Beaked Whales and Whale Sharks in the area, so the opportunities are endless!

Please note - this is a photographic trip. We are up early each day, we spend the day on the water and we come back after sunset. It is however governed by the weather. Chances are we'll have a day or two when it is not suitable to be on the water in the Sea of Cortez. On these days we'll arrange the trip over to the Pacific to see the Grey Whales, or we'll head off into the surrounding areas of Loreto to visit and photograph the scenery and towns. This could be landscapes, architecture or street photography. Or you can spend the day just being a tourist!

Whale Watching with David Newton, Loreto, Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur