Behind The Drawbridge

The Photography Podcast from Castle Cameras

Join Graham and Rob 'Behind the Drawbridge', at Castle Cameras, as they explore the wonderful world of photography. 
The guys go deep on both the technical aspects of cameras, lenses, tripods, flash and other accessories, along with the funnier side of being a photographer, camera shop employee and being two daft, slightly middled-aged men. They have interviews with industry insiders, photographers, both amateur and professional, and other interesting folk who like to talk.
We are always looking to answer your questions, so please email us and we might just read it out in a future episode.
All episodes of Season 1 available below. Season 2 coming soon!

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Season 1

Episode 1 – What is a 1 inch sensor? For a start, it's not 1 inch.

Episode 2 – Best and Worst Photography Experiences, Vol.1 – Wedding Photography

Episode 3 – Have you got GAS?

Episode 4 – Mirrorless vs DSLR - who wins?

Episode 5 – Ocean, Earth and Air – An Interview with Canon Ambassador Chris Fallows

Episode 6 – Holiday Cameras

Episode 7 – What is your favourite 'blankety blank'? - PART 1

Episode 8 – What is your favourite 'blankety blank'? - PART 2