Staff Christmas Party with the Leica Sofort!!

Staff Christmas Party with the Leica Sofort!!

Yesterday saw the beginning and messy end of the staff Christmas party! We started off with a few drinks in the Micro Moose (across the road) and had a Merry Christmas pizza in our local Bellaggios! The night saw a fair few drinks flowing and manly arm wrestles.

Obviously as a camera store it would be a crime if we did not record the occasion. So we decided to take the Leica Sofort out for a spin!

leica sofort

As a luxury option over the Instax mini, this instant camera looks the business! The lovely mint blue design screams high-end and suitable for anyone who wants to treat themselves to something a bit special.
Personally, I never had the opportunity to try out an instant camera so here are my thoughts.

An instant camera takes you back to really treasuring those special moments. At £16.90 for 20 photos, you really have to change your mindset when snapping away. A digital camera could take well over 100 photos a night! That would set me back £84.50 on the instant. We had 20 photos to experiment with and from the pictures produced I would say it was a fantastic success and really captured the night. It made me realise that you don't need countless digital photos you may see only once before they get transferred to the digital graveyard that is your computer.
This morning really bought everyone together while we browsed through the physical photos you can hold and touch. Each and every photo is special (apart from a table photo Russ accidentally took!)

There is something thrilling about waiting for the photo to develop in front of your eyes. It creates a certain sense of childlike excitement you would never get from a digital screen.

We popped the Leica onto party mode and away we snapped! I felt the flash was excellent. Most notably when taking a group photo down a long table. Some smaller digital cameras would not be able to cover that range, but the Leica had no problem! The flash was maybe a little too good when shooting close up as it did seem to over expose lighter areas. However, I think that adds to the retro feel of these tiny prints.

Overall, it was a great night out, everyone had a good time and it has given me a greater respect for the film camera days when we were more careful and thoughtful with the photos we take and treasured those moments that bring everyone together.

(The Father Christmas image at the top was NOT taken with the Leica Sofort)

Posted by Alice Hewitt
6th December 2017

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