Fuji X-E1 Preview

Fuji have announced the Fujifilm X-E1.

The follow up to the highly acclaimed Fuji X-Pro 1, the X-E1 boasts many of the same features with a price tag more suited to the amateur photographer.

Image via PetaPixel

Featuring the same CMOS sensor as the X-Pro 1 the X-E1 sheds the hybrid viewfinder first introduced on the Finepix X100 and instead opts for 2.3megapixel electronic view finder, that’s one of the highest yet seen. The APS-C, think Nikon DSLR, sized 16.3megapixel sensor combined with an expandable ISO rating of 200-6400 (maximum 25600 ISO) guarantees excellent low light performance. The X-E1 also features a pop up flash and 2.8 inch LCD screen.

Fuji have cut the weight of the X-E1 down to just 350g, heavier than your compact but very much lighter than the 444g X-Pro 1. The usual modes and menus from Fuji’s other cameras make a welcome appearance, including the inbuilt Film Simulation modes that let you pick between Velvia, Provia and B&W film types.

After Fujifilm revealed that they were stopping Velvia 100 production, good news is very welcome just now.

With pricing and availability TBC you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled here and on the Castle Cameras website.

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
6th September 2012

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