Christmas Gift Guide under £50

Christmas Gift Guide under £50

Hello everyone!

After a long stint away from blog writing activities, Alice is back and ready! “I’m sorry for being away so long. It won’t happen again” For those avid Superman fans in the area, you’ll recognise that quote!

So anyway, I deviate from what you’re here for! Some advice, a little fun and some product placement when the moment calls for it!

To ease back into it, I’m starting the blog season with some Christmas cheer. I don’t know about you, but I’m already in the swing of present buying. You need to start early nowadays! By definition, I am NOT an organised person, but every year I try a little harder and NOT have a panic moment on Christmas Eve because I’ve forgotten to buy the turkey!

So here to help is a small gift guide for presents under £50 to get you started. Accessories to help the avid photographer on their way to stardom, or maybe just a fun product they might not have considered.

Have a browse, explore the photography cave of wonders and get into the Christmas spirit! (Links to products mentioned, highlighted in BOLD or click on photos)


Card readers

This useful little gadget should be a part of every photographers kit. Gone are the days of misplaced leads, or finding a tangled mess in your drawer. You can give the gift of a small item that would easily slip into a pocket and comes in funky colours too! If the person you know uses something other than an SD card, then we have readers to suit them! So come along to the store or browse the website and give the gift of organisation.


Think Tank Bag


Think Tank bags are fantastic quality and have a lovely design. They are hard wearing and most come with a weather proof cover (essential for those English winter months! And summer come to think of it!)

If the special person in your life is looking to upgrade their camera bag, they can’t go wrong with the Think Tank range.


Cleaning cloth/cleaning kit


Not much to say about these, apart from the fact that they are VERY useful and you can never have enough! Big, small, covered in oranges, or our very own Castle Cameras branded cloth. The choice is yours and they make great stocking fillers!


Mini tripods

These are a fun item to have in your kit. Small joby gorilla-pods that wrap around poles, your Christmas tree, or the handle bars of your brand new bike. Useful tripods to have if you are stuck for a place to put your camera and you have that all important group photo to take!


Camera Rain-covers


Fantastic value for money, the rain covers provide peace of mind for your trip to Niagara Falls or getting caught in a movie worthy rain storm!


Red Whips

A fun name for a cool item and an incredibly useful accessory to have, not only for camera equipment, but for any other cables you have lying around! This may not be the most exciting present, but they will thank you for it in the long run and use it every day. 




Although most of our binoculars fall over the £50 category, we still have a couple of options around £25. They are handy pocket sized binos, great for the enthusiastiast in your life who is passionate to see more than the naked eye. They might become the next Bill Oddie!


Hahnel Shutter remotes

These are incredibly handy for anyone looking to take some long exposures and want to prevent camera shake. The Hahnel shutter remotes are particularly handy as they are compatible with quite a few cameras in the same brand (E.g. Fuji for fuji cameras, Canon for Canon and so on) So if you upgrade your camera, there should be no need to upgrade the remote! 


Robs 1 - 1 photography lesson

For anyone looking to make the most of their new camera and starting out in the world of photography. Robs 1 to 1 photography lesson is a fantastic move to grasp the basics or master any particular problems you’re experiencing. Just give the store a call on 01202 526606 and ask to speak to Rob or email him on

Rob is also a very nice guy :)


Gift vouchers

If you know they have a camera, but thats all you know, then a gift card would be the way to go. They can buy the items they need/want and you won’t get that awkward “I already have this” or “thank you, but…..”

Posted by Alice Hewitt
21st November 2018

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