12 days of Christmas Competition

12 days of Christmas Competition

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us, so for anyone still resisting the urge to put on those jolly tunes and dig out the tinsel, embrace the Christmas spirit! In honour of this season, we have put together a 12 days of Christmas competition.

For 12 days (starting today) we will be giving away 12 gifts (one a day) You have to work for it though! Some of the questions are pretty challenging (even for the staff here!) So put your camera brains into gear and look forward to an extra treat during the Christmas period!

Interesting fact - The 12 days of Christmas originally comes from the story of when Christ was born (25th December) through to when the magi (the three wise men) arrived. So, the 12 days of Christmas actually starts on Christmas day and runs into the New Year!

However if you're one of the lucky twelve to win a Castle Cameras gift, we have decided to start the competition on the 1st of December. (Who wants to wait until after Christmas?!) So head on over to our Instagram page where the first question is waiting for your answer!

See below for a photo of what you could win! P.s. Bonus points if you spot Hugh! (The bonus points won't count towards anything, but we'll be impressed!)

DSC09421 copy

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Posted by Alice Hewitt
1st December 2018

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