IS Binoculars – How Canon re-invented Binoculars

Binoculars were invented over 400 years ago, now there are thousands of different models to choose from. Canon have made huge advancements on the original design, incorporating some of their technology from their photographic side.

Image Stabilizers are regularly found on Canon lenses, reducing image shake or blur from slower shutter speeds or in dim environments. Incorporating these technologies into binoculars has changed how we talk about the pro’s and con’s.

Anybody who has used binoculars in low light, indoors or at concerts will have experienced some kind of shake. This can come from being cold, unsteady or using binoculars that weigh more than is ideal to hold for long periods. One of the biggest complaints when using binoculars is that they cannot be kept still, a problem that grows with increased magnification. Where the only previous solution was to use some kind of support from a monopod, tripod or simply resting your elbows on something solid, there is now another way.

Canon was the worlds first maker to introduce an active optical image stabilizer for binoculars. Thanks to Vari-Angle Prisms, controlled by a clever little computer, hand shake is dramatically reduced; even at larger magnifications. Thanks to this handy little IS feature you can now use binoculars from moving vehicles, on rough sea and without any support. In addition to smaller, light weight binoculars the IS unit also reduces the strain put on your eyes, meaning they can be used for longer periods of time.

Canon’s IS binoculars don’t just reduce shake. Thanks to Canon’s exclusive optical design that uses two field-flattener lenses, Canon IS binoculars provide a wider field of view at larger magnification than would otherwise be expected. Canon’s 12x, 15x and even 18x all offer a 67 degree field of view with increased sharpness from corner to corner.

Canon IS binoculars are available to purchase over on our website. We stock a ready supply and have demonstration units for you try out. You can find all sorts of binoculars and telescopes in-store in Bournemouth and Salisbury.

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
24th January 2013

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