Nikon launch NEW V1 & J1 System Compact Cameras

Nikon today have announced the NEW Nikon 1 V1 and Nikon 1 J1 system compact cameras to be added to their line up.

Their full press release can be found on the Nikon Website, complete with full image gallery and brochures.

So what  does this mean for the market? Well unfortunately possibly not alot. Launched a little behind the Pentax Q, which we would have got behind more if we could, that offered something truly different in the compact system market and just before the new Sony NEX7 and NEX3c. Nikon appear to have put a lot of effort into joining the system club, and have done so with some style, but is this really the way we’re all going?

Starting with the family market Nikon 1 J1. Nikon boast the Nikon 1 series to be the fastest compact system ever, with the fastest auto focus system ever, oh, and some super fast frame rates for stills and HD movie. The J1 appears to have just 4 modes, Fully Automatic, Motion Snapshot, Smart Photo Selector and Movie. The focus system is shared between the 1 series, giving perfect focus in any lighting situation through intelligent design. Available in a range of colours, including Pink, It’ll be interesting to see how this compares to the already established Panasonic and Sony ranges.

Pricing starting from £549.99 for the Nikon J1, 10-30mm Kit.

Pre-order the New Nikon 1 J1 from our website.

In comparison the Nikon 1 V1 is aimed at the ‘professional’. The V1 includes an electronic viewfinder that from the front adds a lego brick sized lump above the lens. Similar screen and mode layouts to the V1, keeping the front and top of the camera as minimal as possible every button and dial is located on the back of the camera. The fastest focusing system in the world that will automatically shift the way it’s focusing based on the lighting conditions and perceived subject. The highest speed image processor allowing up to 60 frames per second, this is in a fixed focus Sony Alpha55 sort of way, presumably at a decreased image quality with 10fps guaranteeing full resolution. Available in a Black or White finish.

Prices starting from £829.99 for the Nikon 1 V1, 10-30mm Kit.

Pre-order the New Nikon 1 V1 from our website.

I’m a huge supporter of system compacts, it comes from a background in SLR’s linked with a constant nostalgia for the Range Finder way of life. I’m reserving judgment until I get the camera in my hands, it’s going to be a very interesting run up to Christmas, I wouldn’t like to put any money down on who will come out on top.

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
21st September 2011

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