Small but perfectly formed – the Sony Alpha A55

The popular Sony Alpha family of cameras got a new addition recently in the shape of the Sony Alpha A55, now in stock at Castle Cameras.

The Alpha range are well known for their interchangeable lenses and now with the Alpha A55 and sister camera the A33, Sony have introduced translucent mirror technology to digital cameras.

Translucent mirror technology helps overcome some traditional limits of DSLRs. Both size and complexity of the camera have been shrunk thanks to simplified mechanical design, meaning the A55 will appeal to hobbyist and casual photographers who want a range of new, dramatic shooting possibilities. Translucent Mirror Technology uses a fixed, translucent mirror that ‘splits’ the optical pathway between the main image sensor and a separate phase-detection autofocus sensor.

You’ll have access to live image preview in high resolution at all times, with fast and accurate phase detection autofocus that means even if your subject is moving it is kept in sharp focus during continuous shooting. Use the 3in LCD or the electronic viewfinder (called Tru-Finder) – the choice is yours.

Movie mode is becoming increasingly important, and the Sony Alpha A55 does not disappoint. Featuring a large Exmor(tm) APS HD CMOS Sensor, the Alpha

A55 enables you to catch cinematic HD video footage. The A55 also features Quick AF Full HD movie shooting and the translucent mirror technology enables AVCHD 1080i video shooting with smooth autofocus tracking of moving subjects. The viewfinder enables real-time previews of video images.

The A55 is compatible with the full Alpha range of lenses (of which there are currently more than 30).

It is also the first Alpha camera by Sony with integrated GPS, enabling automatic geo-tagging of images and video clips.

This is an excellent DSLR for hobbyist and casual photographers, which won’t take up too much space on day trips.

Currently in stock with Castle Cameras. Contact the store for details.

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
24th September 2010

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