New Pentax K50, K500 and Q7 launch

Pentax quietly update range, including a change to the Q system.

Pentax K50

Building on the success of the K30, the K50 offers fantastic value for money with a feature set way above it’s station. Featuring a new 16 megapixel CMOS sensor with image stabilisation built in and continuous shooting up to 6 frames per second, we’re talking some serious numbers.

Fully weather sealed, like the K30, and coming in an outstanding 120 colour variations you get a tough, personalised camera built to last. Pentax are keen to emphasise this as a life-style camera, something to offers advanced features but is still incredibly easy to use and your go to camera for active family life.

Click here to play with the colour-to-order service.

Pentax K500

What do you get if you take a K50, take out the weather sealing and… Well actually that’s about it. The spec in both cameras is identical; 16mp CMOS sensor, 6 frames per second shooting, ISO 51200, Full HD video and 100% viewfinder.

The perfect companion to fair weather photographers, or if you are just looking for something a little smaller and lighter. Having two such close cameras is no bad thing, remembering that the Pentax K30 swept up a host of awards for being the finest entry-level DSLR available.

Pentax Q7

The latest update in the niche market of the Pentax Q series is the Q7. The first Q to boast a 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor. Bigger sensors = better image quality, so this is a really welcome addition. The only downside to a bigger sensor is that now we have a crop factor on the Q’s lenses, giving a slightly wider field of view than before. In comparison to 35mm lenses the Q and Q10 would’ve been 5.5x magnification, the new Q7 is down to 4.6x magnification.

The Q7 boasts 12 mega pixels, shake reduction built in, full hd video and super speedy autofocus. Available in 120 colour variations, including a particularly Tour De France looking yellow, there is something to please everyone here.

Full pricing and availability TBC on all models. Keep your eyes peeled on our Pentax category.

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
25th June 2013

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