Fujifilm make X-T1 firmware version 4.0 available

Fujifilm made its previous announced firmware version 4.0 for the X-T1 available today.

The firmware offers a big step up in the AF performance of the X-T1, fixing previous issues with tracking moving subjects and enhancing low contrast AF performance. Groups of AF points in 3×3, 5×3 or 5×5 blocks ensure your subject is always held in focus.


Eye detection AF is now in place, offering precise and accurate focusing in portrait scenarios, especially useful with Fuji’s fast primes like the 56mm f/1.2 where depth of field is very shallow.


Macro focusing also becomes automatic, with the camera able to focus right down to minimum focus distance without the need to turn on the macro mode using the button. The macro button can now be assigned to another purpose making using the camera even more flexible.


To download this latest firmware, head to Fujifilm’s support page now.


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Posted by Iconography Ltd
30th June 2015

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