Sigma FP Mirrorless Camera Body

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Sigma FP Digital Camera Body Only World’s smallest & lightest - The SIGMA fp is the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera*. Small enough to take along for casual use, it is a perfect camera with which to enjoy full-frame quality images in everyday snaps. * At launch Image... read more

Sigma FP Digital Camera Body Only

World’s smallest & lightest - The SIGMA fp is the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera*. Small enough to take along for casual use, it is a perfect camera with which to enjoy full-frame quality images in everyday snaps. * At launch

  • Image sensor: 35mm Full size Effective 24.6 million pixels Bayer sensor
  • Dimensions, body only: 112.6 × 69.9 × 45.3mm
  • Weight, body only: 370 g

Full-frame sensor Equipped with a back-illuminated 35mm full-frame Bayer sensor with 24.6 effective megapixels, the SIGMA fp is capable of taking high-resolution still and moving images.

Robust & lightweight aluminium body A body covered with die-cast aluminium on the front and the back ensures superior robustness and heat dissipation while keeping the body weight light.

Dust- & splash-proof structure The SIGMA fp is protected with the dust- and splash-proof sealing on a total of 42 points over the camera body. When combined with a dust- and splash-proof lens, the SIGMA fp is capable of shooting in rain, sandstorms, and other challenging conditions.

Large heat sink Designed and inspired by those used on professional cinema cameras, a large-size heat sink is mounted between the LCD and camera body. Combined with a heat dissipation coating applied to the outer surface, the SIGMA fp achieves highly effective heat dissipation. It prevents overheating at high temperatures or in long hours of use.

Same screw threads for strap fittings and tripod The SIGMA fp is fitted with 1/4-inch threads for both the strap holder on either side of the body and a tripod. This provides greater freedom in how one use the camera, from mounting it on a tripod in portrait orientation with the fixing removed, to attaching a strap for use in portrait orientation after screwing the fixing into the hole on the base.

Electronic shutter for a variety of settings - Full-time electronic shutter Shutter shock, sound, and lags: these are disadvantages of mechanical shutters. The SIGMA fp is designed to minimize them in pursuit of a system to adapt to a variety of different shooting scenes. Shooting that requires precision where even the tiniest shake is to be eliminated; shooting without ruining the ambience of the scene; and shooting with good response, without missing the perfect shot. These types of shooting will open new horizons in video creation. Furthermore, the absence of a mechanical shutter makes the SIGMA fp’s camera structure simpler, which in turn improves its reliability as a camera.

Superior options in artistic picture & video creations - Standard / Teal and Orange: Colour mode Teal and Orange Colour grading is a process of altering the colour of a video and is an important step in filmmaking that will change the mood of a film or other types of work significantly. One colour grade style that has been widely used in Hollywood films has inspired a new colour mode introduced in the SIGMA fp, called Teal and Orange. This new colour mode is about creating high contrast between orange colours, which are found in human skin tones, and teals (cyan blue), which are their complement, for visuals that are highly vibrant and deeply dramatic. It can be used in both the Still mode and Cine mode.

Fill Light - A function formerly available only in SIGMA Photo Pro, SIGMA’s proprietary image development software, Fill Light has now been incorporated into the body of SIGMA fp. Using Fill Light allows adjustment of the brightness of an image by adding extra light energy into the shadow regions without altering the exposure of highlight regions. This provides greater control in producing an image with great details, even with areas that are hard to control using the exposure adjustment settings. The adjustment range, which was formerly ±2.0, has been expanded to ±5.0, making it possible to fine-tune the brightness even more.

Tone Control & Colour mode - The Tone Control menu now has a manual setting option in addition to the two auto options available in previous models (Strong/Mild), which allows users to adjust the tone curve by themselves. The SIGMA fp is also the first SIGMA camera to come with an effect slider in its colour mode menu. It can be used to set the strength of an effect to apply in 11 levels, from -5 to +5, which enables the fine-tune of the colour mode. It has also newly introduced TONE and COLOUR buttons for a quick access to the tone control and colour mode menus. With these enhancd functions and a variety of operation elements, the SIGMA fp makes it simple and easy to create an image, in-camera with great details, be it still or video.

Advanced picture & video generating technologies - HDR shooting The HDR shooting takes advantage of an electronic shutter to take multiple pictures of different exposures (3 frames for still photography and 2 frames for video) at once, which can then be merged into a single picture or video with a great dynamic range that could not have been achieved in normal shooting.

Note: The HDR shooting in the Cine mode is to become available via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

Face/Eye Detection AF - The Face/Eye Detection AF function allows the SIGMA fp to focus automatically on the eyes of a human subject. It can bring the eyes of the model into focus instantly and precisely, even when shooting portraits using a large-diameter lens with a shallow depth of field.

Cinemagraph SIGMA fp comes with a feature to make Cinemagraphs, which are animated GIFs that are a hybrid between still photography and video. With this function, the SIGMA fp is capable of creating unique imagery, where parts of a still image keep moving, in-camera.

Note: The photo is for illustrative purposes only. The Cinemagraph function is to become available via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

Focus peaking - The focus peaking function highlights the edges of the parts of a scene that are in focus in a particular colour. It is designed to help focusing the lens manually.

L-Mount - L-Mount L-Mount* is a mount optimized for mirrorless cameras, characterized by a short flange focal length, large diameter, and superior durability. In 2018, Leica Camera AG, Panasonic Corporation and SIGMA launched the L-Mount Alliance, and announced that the three companies were to develop their own camera systems based around the same L-Mount standard. As an L-Mount camera, the SIGMA fp can be used with various L-Mount lenses offered by Leica and Panasonic, in addition to SIGMA lenses. The L-Mount realilzes a camera system that goes beyond the boundaries between manufacturers, with unprecedented levels of scalability and possibilities.

* The L-Mount Trademark is a registered Trademark of Leica Camera AG.

Lenses specially designed for mirrorless cameras - To coincide with the announcement of the SIGMA fp, SIGMA announced three new lenses: 45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary, 35mm F1.2 DG DN | Art, and 14–24mm F2.8 DG DN | Art. Making the most of the optical and mechanical design advantages of a short flange back, each of them is a unique mirrorless lens with high performance and distinctive characteristics.

SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-21 - The SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-21 is a converter that enables the use of the SIGMA SA mount and SIGMA’s CANON EF mount interchangeable lenses on L-Mount cameras. Use of the MC-21 increases the compatibility and broadens the choice for L-Mount cameras and lenses, thus greatly enhancing the scalability of the L-Mount system.

Director’s viewfinder - The SIGMA fp has a director’s viewfinder function that allows the user to simulate different angles of view and how an image looks, on cinema cameras. It supports cameras by major manufacturers commonly used in filmmaking. It supports not only the latest large format cameras such as ARRI ALEXA LF and RED MONSTRO 8K but also film cameras and anamorphic lenses as well.


Note: The feature of recording/playing video with the director’s viewfinder function enabled is to become available via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

Supports RAW video data recording - Aside from professional cinema cameras, the SIGMA fp is the first DSLR camera that supports external recording in 12-bit CinemaDNG format. With up to 4K UHD/24fps recording, it produces video data that can be used even in filmmaking. It also supports All-I (All-Intra) recording, which makes it possible to maintain high image quality while reducing file size, allowing light data available for recording and editing. The record format that best suits the purpose of the video can be selected.

* The feature of playing CinemaDNG footages in-camera is to become via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

* The CinemaDNG logo is either a registered trademark or trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Special functions comparable to professional cinema cameras - The SIGMA fp’s Cine mode comes with a variety of special functions that are comparable to those of professional cinema cameras. From shutter angle display and waveform display for exposure and colour information, to zebra patterning, it comes with the functions and screen displays that can be used in the same way as with conventional cinema equipment.

Seamless transition between Still and Cine modes - UI optimized for different shooting modes Preserving the distinctive feels of SIGMA cameras including dials and QS (Quick Set) buttons, the SIGMA fp has a specially designed operation system and displays for each of the Still mode and the Cine mode. At the flick of a special switch, it can move back and forth between the two modes. This presents a new shooting experience that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional cameras that are designed either for stills or videos.

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MPN: C43900

Barcode: 085126937300



Type: Interchangeable-lens Mirrorless Type Digital Camera

Storage Media: SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card(UHS-? supported) / Portable SSD (USB 3.0 connection, USB bus power supported)

Lens Mount: L-Mount

Image Sensor

Type: 35mm full-frame (35.9mm x 23.10mm) Back-illuminated Bayer CMOS sensor

Camera effective pixels / Total pixels: Approx. 24. 6MP / Approx. 25.3MP

Aspect Ratio: 3:2

Color, filter System: RGB Primary color filter

Still Image File Format: Lossless compression RAW(DNG) data12/14 bit, JPEG(Exif2.3), RAW(DNG)+JPEG:recording is possible

Image aspect ratio: [21:9] / [16:9] / [3:2] / [A Size (√2:1)] / [4:3] / [7:6] / [1:1]

File Size

RAW: HIGH?6000×4000 (3840×2560)? LOW?3008×2000 (1920×1280)

*() In DC Clop Mode


[21:9]: HIGH?6,000×2,576 (3,840×1,648) MED?4,240×1,824 (2,736×1,168) LOW?3,008×1,288 (1,920×824): [16:9]: HIGH?6,000×3,376 (3,840×2,160) MED?4,240×2,392 (2,736×1,536) LOW?3,008×1,688 (1,920×1,080)

[3:2]: HIGH?6,000×4,000 (3,840×2,560) MED?4,240×2,832 (2,736×1,824) LOW?3,008×2,000 (1,920×1,280): [A Size (√2:1)]: HIGH?5,664×4,000 (3,616×2,560) MED?4,000×2,832 (2,560×1,824) LOW?2,832×2,000 (1,808×1,280)

[4:3]: HIGH?5,344×4,000 (3,408×2,560) MED?3,776×2,832 (2,416×1,824) LOW?2,672×2,000 (1,712×1,280): [7:6]: HIGH?4,672×4,000 (2,992×2,560) MED?3,312×2,832 (2,112×1,824) LOW?2,336×2,000 (1,488×1,280)

[1:1]: HIGH?4,000×4,000 (2,560×2,560) MED?2,832×2,832 (1,824×1,824) LOW?2,000×2,000 (1,280×1,280): :

Crop: Equivalent to approx.1.5times the focal length of the lens (on 35mm cameras)

Color Space: sRGB / Adobe RGB

Movie Recording Format [Camera Internal Record]

Movie Format: CinemaDNG?8bit / 10bit/ 12bit? / MOV?H.264 (ALL-I/ GOP)

Audio Format: Linear PCM (2ch 48kHz/16bit)

Recording Pixels / Frame Rate: 3,840×2,160 (UHD 4K) /23.98p, 25p,29.97p, FHD(1,920×1,080) /23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 59.94p, 100p, 119.88p

Movie Recording Format [HDMI External Output]

Movie Format: HDMI Loop out “External recorder record: ATOMOS Ninja Inferno, Blackmagic Video Assist 4K supported

Audio Format: Linear PCM (2ch 48kHz/16bit)

Recording Pixels / Frame Rate: 3,840×2,160 (UHD 4K) /23.98p, 25p,29.97p, FHD(1,920×1,080) /23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 59.94p, 100p, 119.88p


Auto Format / Focus Mode: Contrast detection system, Single AF, Continuous AF (with moving object prediction function), Manual Focus

AF Measurement DistanceDetecton Range / AF mode: -5EV?18EV(F1.4?ISO100) / Auto, 49-points selection mode, Free Movement mode, Face/Eye Detection AF mode, Tracking AF mode

AF Lock: Half-press the shutter button, or press the AEL button

Other Focus Functions: AF+MF, MF Assist, MF Guide, Focus Peaking, Release Focus Function, AF-ON, Quick AF, Pre-AF, AF during Image Magnification

Exposure Control

Metering System: Evaluative, Spot, Centre Weighted Average

Metering Range: -5?18EV (50mm F1.4: ISO100)

Still Image Shooting Mode: (P) Program AE (Program Shift is possible), (S) Shutter Speed Priority AE, (A) Aperture Priority AE, (M) Manual

Movie Shooting Mode: (P) Program AE, (S) Shutter Speed Priority AE, (A) Aperture Priority AE, (M) Manual

ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100-25600, Expanded sensitivity ISO 6, 12, 25, 50, 51200, 102400

Exposure Compensation: ±5EV (in 1/3-stop increments)

AE Lock: Half-press the shutter button, or press the AEL button (setting change required).

Exposure Bracket: 3-frame/5-frame stage exposure 3EV (1/3 Step, Standard→Underexposure→Overexposure) (Sequence changeable)

Image Stabilization System

Image Stabilization System: Electronic system

White balance

Settings: 12 types ( Auto, Auto[Lighting Source Priority], Daylight, Shade, Overcast, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Flash, Color Temperature, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3 )


Shutter Type: Electronic shutter

Shutter Speed: 30 – 1/8,000sec., Bulb

Self-Timer / Remote control: 2sec. / 10sec. (Self-Timer)


Drive Modes: Single shooting, Continuous shooting, Self-timer, Interval shooting

Continuous shooting speed: HI?18fps, MED?5fps, LO?3fps

Maximum number of shots: HIGH: 12frame, MED: 12frame, LOW: 24frame


Type / Coverage: TFT color LCD monitor Aspect Ratio 3:2, 3.15, Approx. 2,100,000 dots / Electrostatic capacitance system touch panel / Approx. 100%

Flash (when to use external flash)

Light Emission Mode: S-TTL automatic light control, Manual, Wireless flash, Multi-emission Flash (when to use external flash)

Flash Mode: Red-eye effect reduction / Slow synchronization, 2nd Curtain synchronization

Exposure correction: Max. ±3EV in 1/3EV-step increments

Flash Tuning Speed: Max. 1/30sec.

* 1/15 sec. or less at 14bit

External Flash Support: Available when the Hot Shoe Unit HU-11(supplied with this product) is mounted.

* S-TTL, Wireless support, Xcontact

Interval shooting

Interval shooting: Available

Color Mode

Color Mode: 12types (Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Portrait, Landscape, Cinema, Teal & Orange, Sunset Red, Forest Green, FOV Classic Blue, FOV Classic Yellow, Monochrome )

Other Functions

Recording Mode: STILL Mode: FillLight / Shading Correcton / HDR shooting CINE Mode: Still image shooting during movie shooting / HDR shooting / Director’s view finder

Playback Mode: STILL: Mode In-camera DNG Development CINE Mode: Cinemagraph / still image cut-out

Built-in Microphone / Speaker

Type: Stereo microphone, Monaural speaker


Display Language: English / Japanese / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean / Russian / Dutch / Polish / Portuguese / Danish / Swedish / Norwegian / Finnish


USB: USB3.1 GEN1 Type C

HDMI: Type D (Ver.1.4)

Release Terminal: Also used as an external microphone terminal

External Microphone: Available (Plug-in power support)

Headphone output: Unavailable

Flash-synchro Terminal: Dedicated terminal (with hot shoe unit HU-11 (supplied with this product) mounted)

Power Source

Power: Li-ion Battery BP-51 *USB power supply available (when the power is turned off)

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 112.6 x 69.9 x 45.3mm

Weight: 422g (including battery and SD card), 370g (Camera Body Only)

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature: 0?+40?

Operating Humidity: 86%or less

* no condensing

Accessories / Optional Accessories

Accessories: LI-ION BATTERY BP-51, Strap, Strap Holder, USB AC Adapter UAC-11, USB Cable (A-C) SUC-11, HOT SHOE UNIT HU-11, Body Cap, Instruction Manual, Warranty, Warranty Sticker


MPN: C43900

Barcode: 085126937300


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Sigma FP Mirrorless Camera Body


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Product Summary

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One year UK Warranty

  • World's smallest and lightest full-frame digital camera at launch
  • Back-illuminated 24mp full-frame sensor
  • Designed for video as well as photography with 4K UHD/24fps
  • Shoots up to 18fps
  • The L-Mount opens this camera to a the finest range Leica and Lumix Pro, as well as Sigma, Lenses
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