Fuji TCL-X100 for X100/S

Fuji have done it again!

This morning Fujifilm have released details of a new conversion lens for the ever popular X100 and X100S. This time a tele-conversion lens taking the equivalent 35mm focal length up to an equivalent of 50mm.

Both conversion lenses offer Fujifilm’s supreme optical quality and are created by the same experts who designed the X100/X100S’s lens. The TCL-X100 delivers high image quality even at the F2.0 wide aperture setting, retaining the original optical characteristics.

Achieving the very best results from the TCL-X100 is simple; just select the ‘Tele- Conversion Lens’ option in the Fujifilm X100/X100S’s shooting menu. To enable this extra functionality, the camera must updated with the latest firmware (X100 : ver2.10 or later / X100S : ver1.20 or later) which also allows the option to be selected via the function (Fn) button.

If you select ‘Tele’ in the “Conversion Lens” option, the Fujifilm X100 and X100S cameras automatically apply image processing to shots taken using the TCL-X100, reducing image distortion, ensuring balanced illumination across the frame and reducing chromatic aberration commonly found in tele-conversion lenses.

In practice, the TCL-X100 enhances the functionality of the Fujifilm X100/X100S. The auto focusing speed remains the same, the 10cm macro distance still applies and it is also compatible with the Fujifilm X100/X100S’s hybrid viewfinder. With the optical viewfinder (OVF) selected, icons showing the edge of the frame are displayed, while selecting the electronic viewfinder (EVF) gives users a 100% field of view.

Available in Silver or Black at the end of May, RRP is yet to be announced

Fujifilm wide conversion lens TCL-X100: Key features

  • Approx. 1.4x magnification factor to convert X100/X100S lens to 50mm normal angle (35mm equivalent)
  • All glass optical construction using four elements in 4 groups
  • Fujinon Super EBC coating
  • “Made in Japan” optimum quality

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Posted by Iconography Ltd
16th April 2014

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