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Castle Cameras Binoculars and Scopes

Browse our stock of Binoculars, Monoculars, Telescopes, and Spotting Scopes. We have something to suit everyone, from the budding Urban Birder to the junior Astronomy enthusiast. We stock optics from Swarovski, Canon, Opticron, Steiner, Camlink, Nikon, Celestron, RSPB and Vortex.

The binocular specification, eg 8x40, describes the magnification followed by the diameter of the front glass in millimetres. The first number divided into the second gives the light gathering power. Thus, a pair of 8x32 will be as bright as a pair of 10x40 but smaller and with less magnification. Sizes up to 8 or 10x25 are small enough to be pocketable. Cost, size and weight all go up as either number increases. It also becomes increasingly difficult to hold them steady without a support. Spotting scopes, for bird-watching or target practise, and all high-quality binoculars come with a tripod fitting.

Canon binoculars are all image-stabilised and are ideal if you are yachting or in a similar situation where a tripod is impracticable.

If you are able to call into either shop and discuss your requirement, we can guide you towards the best compromise between magnification, brightness, weight, cost and quality.

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